A Troubling Reality, a Hopeful Future

10-minute read

Five emerging maternal and infant health trends and how they will impact the year ahead.

Maternal health is in a state of crisis across the United States. Maternal mortality is rising, perinatal mental health conditions are going untreated, and social determinants are increasing maternal distress. Worst of all, spiking rates of preterm birth mean one in ten babies are born early.

For health plans, reducing risk is key. Learn how the industry is stepping up to address five emerging trends that indicate a hopeful future for maternal health.

The five trends include:

  • Stronger Health Plan Interventions
    Payers are expanding efforts to improve maternal and infant health outcomes and equity.
  • A Promising Shift in Healthcare Research
    Coming studies will zero in on long-neglected maternal health concern
  • Bettering Maternal and Infant Care Through AI
    Capturing, analyzing, and acting upon real-world data will be key.
  • The Rise of Virtual Prenatal and Postpartum Healthcare
    As millions of parents attempt to navigate a lack of access to pre- and postnatal care, digital solutions are helping to bridge the gap.
  • New Definitions of Risk
    Healthcare providers have long used the same criteria in defining a “high risk” pregnancy—but new developments are changing those parameters.
A Troubling Reality, a Hopeful Future: 2024 Trends Report